Audrey Jones


Audrey Jones has been involved in amateur dramatics since she was 5 years old, and dressed as a fetching ladybird in East Kilbride Rep’s ‘Ugly Bug Ball’. Since then she has gone on to perform both on and offstage as a singer, actress, producer and director, although never, EVER as a dancer! At St. Andrews University, realising that it was either Gilbert and Sullivan or nothing, she was a founding member of the ‘Just So’ Society, the first ever musical theatre society in St. Andrews, which is still going strong today after 30 years. Audrey started off with BTC playing the role of Rose in Bye Bye Birdie when she was 7 months pregnant, and she has never looked back. Audrey loves writing pantomimes, this year being her fifth, and second collaborating with Mike Davies. This year is Audrey’s 10th outing as Director, and she is absolutely loving the enthusiasm and talent from the cast of Aladdin.

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Musical Director

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